AI Travel Assistant

AI , firstly what does AI means ? ……. AI stands for ARITIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE .In science sometime it is also called as Machine learning . There are many terms in AI . From all of them , AI travel assistant is a term which help you find your ride and give you info about travelling . It guide the user about all the required information and routes . You can even book tickets on it , and that’s what do for you . AI assistant , talk to you as in there is a person helping you and guiding you about the area . Is booking , your concern ? it even gives you booking information and book a ride for you !. You just have to say ” I want to book a ride ” , and yea there you go , your ride is here . 

AI | travel assistant

 Here in , you get your very own travel assistant , name as BOGO ! . You can talk to it , book your rides , and just go .This will give you a smooth experience , while booking a ride and will be convenient for you .No need of installing an app which will , consume  lots of space . nor does you have to worry about going on a website and searching among thousands of website for booking . Bogogo gives you an access to directly talk , and book a ride on Whatsapp . You can have a great conversation ! . Give in , all your information like  , your pick-up location , drop-off location , time etc , and you ll get your ride in your whatsapp chat .

So now , you don’t have to worry about booking a ride , just Bogogo it ! .

 Easy , simple and user friendly , It’ ll help you save your time in searching on websites and on other apps . All your travel booking needs in one place , that is in your whatsapp chat . Bogogo will make Travelling and booking very easy in your life .