Places to visit in pune

PUNE , the educational hub of India , as well as it is also known as the fashion capital of east . But along with education and fashion center it is also known for natural beauty , historical places and foods too ! . SO here are  some of the best places to visit in pune . 

sinhagad fort

 Located at around 35 km to southwest of Pune , SInhagad fort is a hill fortess . It is said that the fort is built around 2000 years ago . The cave and the carving are the proof of it . Things to do at Sinhagad fort are , climbing its steps and enjoying its natural beauty ,having garam garam (hot) pakodas , watching sunset and sunrise from its height . Previous it was known as Kondhana . Mostly in winter it is covered with fog which reflects its beauty along with green habitats . In rainy seasons amazing small and medium waterfalls which will blow up your mind and make you feel fresh . it is one of the best place to visit around in pune . If you are in pune and not yet visited it , then you are missing alot of adventure and natural beauty along with a historical touch .

2. Shaniwar Wada

shaniwar wada | places to visit in pune

Shaniwar wada . historical place of pune  and also the place of peshwa’s the great warrior of hindavi swaraj . It is situated in the city area where you can visit ,and have all the sights of Peshwa. Untill 1818, its was the seat of Peshwas , untill they lost to britishers .  There is an amazing yard where kids can play and have fun around . Behind there is LAL MAHAL , the birth place of Shivaji maharaj . Amazing place to have fun , hangout and roam around . Thing to do over here are , everyone’s favourite selfies … photos and videos . Out side the wada there are many stalls where you can eat your favourite gol gappes and snacks . This place is must visit in the list of  places of pune .